Notcoin (NOT): Analysis of TON's flagship project

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Notcoin (NOT): Analysis of TON's flagship project

Presentation, opportunities, limits... An independent study of the Notcoin project and its NOT token by our team of analysts.

What you need to know

Notcoin is one of the most buzzed-about projects in the TON ecosystem.

Despite the lack of initial funding, the project has managed to gather a large community, largely thanks to a fairer distribution than most other projects.

Its communication places a strong emphasis on the community aspect.

Origin and beginnings of Notcoin (NOT)

Notcoin was initially launched as a tap-to-earn game integrated into Telegram in early January 2024. Users could click to earn NOT, which was then used to purchase various in-game bonuses. At the time, NOT was not yet a token.

The game attracted more than 35 million users, a considerable figure.

Second stage: "Explore-to-earn" and listings

The "tap-to-earn" phase ended around 12 May 2024. On this date, a "pre-market" was launched, enabling NOTs to be converted into NFT "vouchers" to be sold for TON.

Sales made in this way automatically donated 20% of their amount to the Notcoin project, to be used as liquidity in future listings.

At this point, the "explore-to-earn" phase was launched with NOT staking. This gives access to different ranks depending on the number of NOTs staked. These grades give access to quests to earn more NOTs, as well as other exclusive features, such as access to token pre-sales.

Partner projects can offer quests by paying NOTs: part of these are burnt, another part is redistributed to users who complete the quests, and a final part goes into the project's treasury.

On 16 May, NOT is opened for trading on leading exchange platforms such as Binance and OKX.

On 17 May, Pavel Durov writes a message congratulating the Notcoin community. Shortly afterwards, more than 500,000 NOT holders sent him around 1 billion NOTs, corresponding to $6.8 million.

NOT has been integrated into several other Telegram games, particularly for their payment functions. For example, Catizen has received more than 50 million NOTs and has decided to burn 5 million of them (equivalent to around $100,000 at the current rate).

The progress of the burn can be followed on this page:

Third stage?

The project now seems to be suggesting the arrival of new features for NOT.

This communication technique hasn't changed since the beginning, with recurring slogans such as "probably nothing".

The team

While the project is intended to be driven primarily by its community, the team continues to control some of NOT and is responsible for developing the NOT ecosystem.

Alexandr Plotvinov, with extensive experience as a product manager, is the co-founder and CEO of Tonstarter, a launchpad on the TON network.

Sergey Chikirev, an engineer by training, also co-founded Tonstarter where he holds the position of technical director.

The team has therefore been present in the TON ecosystem for at least 2 years, at a time when the ecosystem was still underdeveloped.

Token distribution

When it was no longer possible to create NOTs through 'tap to earn', the distribution of NOTs was as follows:

  • 78% of NOTs were dedicated to miners and voucher holders.
  • The remaining 22% was dedicated to the development of the ecosystem, including listing fees.

Listings on centralised exchange platforms were mainly carried out through launchpools:

  • 3% of the total quantity of Notcoin was distributed on Binance during a launchpool.
  • 1.25% for the launchpool on OKX.
  • 1.25% for the launchpool on Bybit.

Finally, 3,000,000 NOTs (or 0.003% of the total quantity) were sold during an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on at a price of $0.01 each.

The Big Whale's opinion

Notcoin is one of the flagship projects of the TON ecosystem, which is currently enjoying strong popularity.

The desire to ensure distribution is as fair as possible, to always put the community first without making any big promises, stands out from most other current projects.

Of course, we shouldn't forget that this is first and foremost a public position and that the team is certainly not managing the project in a totally disinterested way.

NOT was originally a simple game, then evolved into a real token and seems to be continuing its transformation with new experiences. It is an advanced form of memecoin.

NOT already has a total valuation of $2.07 billion. It is a high-volatility, high-risk token.

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