"Ekos: the NFT collection for July

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"Ekos: the NFT collection for July

Each month, The Big Whale analyses a collection of NFTs. For this third survey, NFT analyst Konohime* has chosen to look at 'Ekos', which was launched by the founder of Marvel Studios.

Not many people know this, but David Maisel isn't just the founder of Marvel Studios, to whom we owe global hits like Iron Man and the Hulk. The American, who has since sold Marvel to Disney, is also a fan of the Web3 universe and NFTs.

The producer loves NFTs so much that this spring he launched his own collection called "Ekos".

This collection was designed with his new company, Mythos Studios, which he set up in 2018, and whose aim is to recreate a new universe with fantastic characters. A sort of Marvel 3.0? David Maisel didn't give any further details at the moment, and he mainly emphasised the artistic dimension of the Ekos collection, which depicts characters with a variety of features.

995 NFTs

The Ekos collection is made up of 995 illustrations drawn by David Maisel, Michael Turner, Peter Steigerwald and the Mythos Studios team.

NFTs were sold for 0.5 ETH in April, and their graphic design was revealed a few weeks ago in June.

The collection is divided into 8 categories that represent different colourimetric inspirations, published artwork or original (uncoloured) art.

Extract from the collection on OpenSea

For collectors, a look in the "colors" category of OpenSea's metadata shows how many NFTs have been coloured by artists :

Peter Steigerwald: 719

Mark Roslan: 124 

Jonathan D. Smith: 13

Peter Steigerwald: 13

Jonathan D. Smith: 9

Beth Sotelo: 2

Peter Steigerwald: 2

Christina Strain: 1

The arrival of Mythos Studios in the Web3 ecosystem has not gone unnoticed. At the mint of the 975 NFTs, which have all gone, the company raised almost $1 million. Today, the price of the collection is 0.8 ether, which is higher than the mint price, even if on the bid side, it doesn't go above 0.35 ether.

Currently, according to Etherscan, 12 (out of 113) of Ekos's biggest collectors own 51% of the supply. This centralisation is double-edged: on the one hand it ensures a certain stability in the price of the collection, but on the other it also creates a dependence of the collection on the ambitions of a small group.

The coming months will tell us what direction the collection will take.

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