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What is The Big Whale? 🐳

It's a free, independent media launched by 3 entrepreneurs passionate about the blockchain, crypto and Web 3 revolutions.

This free and independent media exists first through the launch of newsletters, one free, the other paid, and a presence on social networks. We deal with the general news of crypto-assets through journalistic investigations, interviews of influential personalities or testing systems for services carried out in complete independence.

We also rely on a network of recognized experts, in France and worldwide, to inform, enrich and complete our analyses. This information is processed in a journalistic manner, using different sources that are cross-referenced and approached neutrally. The Big Whale does not provide investment advice.

Why did you launch The Big Whale?

We are convinced that in the current context of explosion of uses, an expert and independent media is essential.

We want to bring clear and high value-added information to already experienced readers and allow everyone to understand the stakes and "get on the crypto train".

For all those who want to start this adventure, The Big Whale is the answer to "Where do I start?".

Why is it called "The Big Whale"?

For several reasons:

1/ Because everyone appreciates whales, it is an animal that makes people dream, though we may not know it very well.

2/ Because it symbolizes longevity, resiliance, because Bitcoin, crypto-currencies or NFTs are a revolution that will last and transform our daily lives.

3/ Because whales are powerful carbon sinks(the equivalent of several thousand trees), which we often forget. The climate issue being an important topic in cryptocurrencies and the criticisms that are addressed to the sector, we also want to show that we take this topic seriously, without clichés or preconceptions.

Are you really independent?

Yes! that is the essential and indispensable value we bring to the table.

The Big Whale was founded by three people who financed it with their own money. To guarantee this independence, we need readers who pay for the information we will produce.

Do you have any business connections with companies you write about?

The Big Whale does not offer any affiliate links and does not sign any commercial partnership with companies that could be quoted in our articles. This choice allows us to provide 100% independent and conflict-free content. This is also the reason why our contents are not free.

Do The Big Whale journalists hold cryptos?

We consider that you have to use cryptos on a daily basis to be able to talk about them with the best possible expertise. We will communicate here the crypto-assets held by the members of the editorial staff whose value exceeds 1000 euros.

To date, Raphael Bloch and Gregory Raymond each hold BTC, ETH and a lot of SHIB (we're kidding about the SHIB 😂)

Articles are also available on the site, how is it done?

All The Big Whale articles are published in priority in our newsletters. They are then put online on the site and can be consulted according to your subscription. Some contents are also freely available. You can find them all on the "All articles" page.

What do I do if I no longer receive the newsletter even though I have subscribed?

Don't worry, our emails probably landed in your spam folder. To find out, you can search your email for the email address we use: contact@thebigwhale.io

To prevent this from happening again, just save this sender address in your address book. Most newsletters arrive in the "Promotions" or "Notifications" tabs if you use Gmail. Remember to look in these folders if you can't find our publication.

How much do subscriptions cost?

Subscription prices are defined in euros and are paid for the production of The Big Whale's editorial content.

The applied rates are :

- Monthly subscription without commitment: 9.90 euros/month
- Paid subscription for one year, with payment in one go: 99.90 euros/year
- "Founder" subscription for life: 990 euros

All conditions and applications are explained in the General Sales Conditions.

Why is my subscription slightly more expensive when I pay in cryptocurrencies?

If you pay in cryptocurrencies, you are likely to have to pay additional fees.

These fees correspond to the amount claimed by the protocol managers to validate your transaction on the blockchain. The amount varies according to the level of saturation of the network.

We advise you to avoid Ethereum to avoid paying the equivalent of several euros in network fees.

If I am a student or unemployed, am I entitled to a reduced subscription?

Not yet, unfortunately, but we will be implementing it soon. We're just starting, and we'll be adding to our offer as we go along. Students will soon benefit from a preferential rate.

What if I want to unsubscribe?

You can cancel your subscription at any time in your user account. You can also click on "unsubscribe" in the link placed at the bottom of each newsletter. A web page will open and ask you to confirm your choice. If you validate it, you will be sent back to your user account on The Big Whale website. It is on this interface that you will be able to stop the debits on your account. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to subscribe and unsubscribe.

What happens if I cancel my subscription before it expires?

Your monthly or yearly subscription will be stopped immediately. You will receive our publications until the end of your subscription.

If I stop my subscription before it expires, will I get my money back?

Unfortunately, no refunds are available. If you are still hesitating to subscribe directly to an annual plan, you can choose to subscribe to our monthly plan with no time commitment and then switch to an annual plan as soon as you feel ready to join us for several months at a lower rate.

And if you have any other question, please send it to contact@thebigwhale.io

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