TBW Awards 2024

Join us for the second TBW Awards, to be held on February 21, 2024 at the Hôtel de l'Industrie in Paris.

This unique ceremony brings together the most influential personalities in the Web3 world for one evening, to honor the talents and organizations that have played a major role in the Web3 ecosystem in 2023.

The TBW Awards '24 will recognize the innovators of the year in seven key categories, ranging from young talent to the best projects in technology, entertainment and finance.

Nominees are selected by our community, then elected by a panel of experts assembled especially for the occasion.

The event will feature renowned speakers and offer a unique networking opportunity for Web3 ecosystem leaders, investors and experts.

Election of the 2024 winners

  1. Submission phase: until January 14, our 300 founding subscribers have the exclusive opportunity to submit entries for the 7 award categories.
  2. Preliminary Selection Phase: from January 15 onwards, all The Big Whale subscribers will receive by email an extended list of our founding subscribers' choices. They can then vote for their favorites, choosing between 3 and 5 nominees per category. The results of this vote will determine our final list of nominees.
  3. Final Selection Phase: On January 29, the final list, reflecting the choice of our community of subscribers, will be drawn up. This list will then be presented to the jury for final selection of the winners.

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The 2024 Jury

To elect the winners of this second edition, we're calling on you, members of The Big Whale's community, to pre-select the nominees in each category. A prestigious jury, chaired by Frédéric Montagnon and made up of 9 experts, will then meet to select the winners. 

Frédéric Montagnon
Chairman at Arianee
Faustine Fleuret
President and CEO at Adan
Nadia Filali
Head of Innovation & Development at Caisse des Dépôts
Jean-Baptiste Graftieaux
CEO Bitstamp
Rani Jabban
Managing Director at Arab Bank Switzerland
Marina Baudéan
Head of France & BeLux at 21 Shares
Ian Rogers
Board Member at Ledger
Lamine Brahimi
Managing Partner at Taurus
Brian O’Hagan
Growth Lead at Sorare


luca-schnetzler, mustafa-al-bassam, paul-frambot, alex-bertomeu-gilles, alexandre-roubaud, claire-balva, gajesh-naik, naomi-halioua, oliver-yates, viktoria-klich
Best Young Talent

Best Young Talent

Young personality who has contributed to the development of the Web3 ecosystem.
Claire Balva
Paul Frambot
Mustafa Al-Bassam
Alexandre Roubaud
Gajesh Naik
erc-4337-(account-abstraction), op-stack, rabby, ccip-chainlink, celestia, cosmos, eigenlayer, safe, starknet, zksync
Best Technology

Best Technology

Infrastructure or service technologies that have demonstrated a notable impact or innovation in the industry, and will be deployed or enhanced in 2023.
ERC 4337 (Account Abstraction)
a16z, coinbase-ventures, fabric-ventures, binance-labs, block-tower, greenfield, motier-ventures, pantera, paradigm, xange
Best Professional Investor

Best Professional Investor

Professional investors (Funds, VCs, Family Office, Corporate Ventures) who have made a significant contribution to the development of Web3 in 2023.
Coinbase Ventures
Binance Labs
circle, lens, women-in-web3, big-block-green-services, carbonable, dowgo, sato, the-giving-block, trezor-academy, worldcoin
Best Project for Good

Best Project for Good

Projects using Web3 technologies to provide concrete solutions to today's social and environmental challenges.
Women In Web3
cross-the-ages, lens, sorare, bolero, friend-tech, life-beyond, rollbit, schrapnel, stables, ultra
Best Entertainment Application

Best Entertainment Application

Projects must stand out for their creativity, technological integration and contribution to the evolution of entertainment (such as music, video games, gambling...) by incorporating Web3 technologies.
Cross The Ages
Friend Tech
brian-armstrong, jean-marc-stenger, stani-kulechov, ambre-soubiran, cathie-wood, guilhem-chaumont, jeremy-allaire, laszlo-szabo,nicolas-julia, robert-materazzi
Best CEO

Best CEO

CEOs of companies with at least 2 years' track record and at least 50 employees.
Brian Armstrong
Nicolas Julia
Cathie Wood
Jeremy Allaire
Ambre Soubiran
coinvertible, monerium, angle, centrifugal, curve, flowdesk, kiln, ondo-finance, swaap-finance
Best Finance and Investment Project

Best Finance and Investment Project

Web3 projects focused on finance (decentralized finance, Stablecoins...). Applicants must demonstrate innovation and/or impact in the use of blockchain technologies to reinvent financial services, or having an impact on the DeFi sector.
Hotel de l'industrie
Established in 1852, Hotel de l’industrie is the headquarters of the Société d'Encouragement, whose mission revolves around four pillars: encouraging entrepreneurs of tomorrow, sharing and spreading innovation, promoting French know-how and preserving industrial heritage. This historical location was home to the first projection made by the Lumière brothers, the founding act of the cinema industry in 1895.

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