Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFT...

What is happening is tremendous, fascinating and chaotic. A technological, sociological and generational movement that forces us to reconsider everything we thought we had acquired on the Internet. Like us, you are fascinated and curious about the Web3 revolution? Would you like to be part of it?

Welcome to The Big Whale! 🐳

As journalists, we have a clear and ambitious mission: to accelerate the understanding and adoption of the technologies and applications that underlie this transformation: blockchains, cryptocurrencies, NFT, metaverse... This mission drives us and makes this adventure incredibly exciting.

Talents and energies are mobilizing everywhere in the ecosystem (in France and around the world) to develop projects, innovate, and experiment with other business models and other forms of organization. We’d like to shed new light and give them visibility. We want to decipher, and point out valid contradictions, because the ecosystem needs it.

In short, we want to do our job as journalists. With rigor, passion and without editorial compromise.

Provide reliable, independent, clear information

Initially, you can read our newsletter, with a free version and a paid version (10 minutes to stay up to date on the top news stories). We’re also active on social networks where we create dedicated and curated content. We also report the Web3 news on television.

These formats serve as our Proof Of Concept. They will allow you to get to the heart of the matter, to cover what you need to know, and to understand the fundamental issues (with our analysis, special reports, exclusive interviews, videos, etc.).

In a sector where everything moves so fast, this is a major commitment. Our ambition is to grow quickly, and to build a worldwide network with key players. This will be our challenge in the coming months, because we know that the richness of our analyses and new perspectives will depend on it. The decentralized world has no nationality, we intend to go beyond the French framework and become your trusted source for information in Europe.

An independent media

The Big Whale 🐳 is an independent media, we have a point of view and perspective. Imperfect, necessarily, but essential. We will do the job with honesty and transparency, as we have done for several years in several "big" media outlets.

The value of the information we will bring you is based on two pillars:

Our passion. We are passionate about this transformation and we seek to understand its workings in order to convey them clearly to as many people as possible.
Our independence. If we want to remain credible, as objective as possible, we must be able to operate freely without depending on small or large advertisers.

This freedom has a price

The price is a monthly (9.90 euros) or annual (99.90 euros/year) subscription, as preferred.

A lifetime subscription is available for 990 euros for those who want to support us, and feel that the emergence of such a voice in this sector is vital. These special subscribers will be at the heart of our project and they will have exclusive access to special productions and events.

From the start, we decided to make payment in cryptocurrencies possible. It seems obvious, but for us it was significant. Our legitimacy in the Web3 is based on a daily use of the tools that are part of this universe and we will continue to experiment with decentralized services in the development of our media.

The Big Whale 🐳 will be uncompromising about potential conflicts of interest. So our model is based primarily on you, the readers. For the community of the converted and all the people who want to dive deeper and want to know the the full story, but don't know where to start.

We want to offer the best, to bring in the top experts, French or international, to seek out the most inspired and visionary entrepreneurs.

Our success relies on our community, that is to say
you, our subscribers, our readers.

Join us

The team

Grégory Raymond and Raphaël Bloch have worked for many years on topics related to crypto, NFTs and Web3. They first started in renowned financial and business publications like “Capital” and “Les Echos.” They are now exclusively reporting the news for The Big Whale.

Raphaël Bloch

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at The Big Whale

He discovered bitcoin in 2015 when he worked at Reuters. After joining Les Echos and L'Express, he decided to focus exclusively on crypto-currencies, by building The Big Whale.

Grégory Raymond

Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief at The Big Whale

Grégory was in charge of the economics section for the Huffington Post between 2012 and 2015. He then joined, and then Capital. There, he created the podcast and the crypto newsletter 21 Millions.

Dimitri Granger

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at The Big Whale