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See his NFT The Big Whale


You bought an NFT The Big Whale and you can't see it? This article will explain step by step how to see your NFT's token on MetaMask and your NFT's visual on Opensea.

Step 1: View your NFT token on MetaMask

The first thing to do to be able to see your NFT on your MetaMask wallet is to go to it and click on the "Import Tokens" button at the bottom of the page.

Next, enter the contract address of the NFT The Big Whale token: "0xE7c96dBdEF402eAC651eDE6330F46fBBdd97F175" as well as the token symbol: "Whale" and "0" for the number of decimal places, and then click on "Add Custom Token".

Then click on "Import Tokens":

Your non-fungible token (or NFT) should now appear below the currencies you already hold in your wallet.

Step 2: See the design of your NFT

See his NFT on OpenSea

To see the design of your NFT, the easiest way is to go to and search for your NFT via your public address. To do this, start by going to your MetaMask wallet and copy it by clicking on the button to the right of it.

Then go to and click on the magnifying glass, then paste your public address in the search bar that appears. Then click on the suggestion.

You now have access to the NFTs available on your account and you can discover the design of your NFT The Big Whale.

See its NFT on Paper (if you got your NFT by email)

Start by logging into Paper with your email:

Then enter the 6-digit code received on the email you entered:

The connection to your account is made and your NFT is displayed on the dashboard: