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Transfer my NFT

How to transfer your NFT from Paper to your wallet?

If you received your Whale NFT via Paper, it is stored in a wallet that only you have access to. However, you need to get the private key from this wallet because without it you won't be able to move or sell this NFT. In this tutorial we will explain what a private key is, how to retrieve it and how to enter it into MetaMask so that you can take advantage of all the rights you have over your NFT The Big Whale.

Before reading the steps in detail, try transferring your NFT directly from Paper, following these steps


What is a private key?

What is called a private key in the Web3 environment is a secret and unique sequence of characters that serves as an identifier and password when connecting to a wallet. This key is CONFIDENTIAL and NON-MODIFIABLE. Having a private key gives access to all the rights of the wallet correlated to it. You must therefore be careful with your private key. Please note that we will NEVER ask you to provide it.

Step 1: Recover your private key

To retrieve your private key you will need to start by going to your Paper account. Then click on your email in the upper right corner, then on "export wallet".

Once on the wallet export page, click on the "Reveal Private Key" button. (with the Ethereum logo)

Then enter your email address linked to your Paper account to create a unique login link:

Then go to your mailbox:

And click on the "Log in to Paper" button to access the unique login link:

After pressing the button, you will be presented with a page with terms and conditions to accept in order to reveal your private key. Read them, check the boxes and then click "Reveal Private Key".

Then write down your private key on a piece of paper & leave Paper.

(Reminder: Your private key is confidential so keep it in a secure place)

Keep this private key carefully as long as your NFT is on the wallet linked to it because this phrase is the only way to access your NFT.


Step 2: Enter your private key on MetaMask


Don't have a MetaMask wallet?

To enter your private key on MetaMask, you will have to start by installing the MetaMask extension. To do this, go to the site:

Then, click on this link: πŸ”—, to see the tutorial "How to create a wallet on MetaMask".

You have a MetaMask wallet

Once you have created your wallet, go to your dashboard and click on the image at the top right of the wallet:

Then click on "Import account":

After that, enter your private key in the box provided & click on import:

You should now see a second account appear on your MetaMask:

This is the account holding your "Whale" NFT. You must now move your NFT from this account to your main wallet.


Step 3: Adding "MATICs" to your wallet

Once this tutorial is done, make sure you are on the Polygon network. You will then need to buy a small amount of MATIC to pay the gas fees related to the NFT transfer. These will be about 0,01€ per transaction but you will need to buy a few to load your wallet.

To do so, click on "Buy" on your MetaMask dashboard.

Then select your repository solution. If you don't know which one to choose, we advise you to use "wyre". So press "Continue to wyre".

Begin registration by entering your phone number & email:

Then click on "Next" to accept the "GCU":

Then enter the code sent to the phone number indicated above:

After that, enter the amount of MATIC you want to buy:(1-2$ are enough but note that the transaction fee is 4$)

Then enter your payment method & click on "Next":

After that, enter your payment information, then click "Submit" to finalize the transaction:

Your account is now credited in MATIC.


Step 4: Retrieve the public key from your new wallet or Ledger


Recover the public key from MetaMask

After creating your wallet, press the button to the right of your Public Address to copy it:

Recover the public key of a Cold Wallet

Start by opening Ledger live & go to "Accounts".

Then click on the account to which you want to send your NFT:

Then click on the wool key at the top right of the screen:

A window has appeared, so click on the "Advanced" option to drop down the menu:

Now retrieve the information enclosed in the ":", as in the screenshot below:

You now have your public key & are ready to receive your NFT on this wallet. Note that this is different from your private key & can be shared.

Step 6: Send the NFT to your new wallet

Move the NFT to a new waller with Paper

To get started, go to your Paper dashboard, then click on your NFT:

Enter the public address of the wallet to which you want to transfer your NFT and click Transfer:

Your wallet will open, scroll down & read the details then click "Confirm":

Your NFT is now available on your new wallet.

Move the NFT to a new wallet with Opensea

Now that you have created your new wallet and copied its public address, go to OpenSea and click on the wallet in the upper right corner:

Then click on "MetaMask":

Unlock your wallet:

Select the wallet holding the NFT, click on "Next":

Then click on "Connect":

Once the connection is made, click on "Accept and sign":

Then sign with your wallet:(A signature is a transaction that allows you to have a trace of your approval on the blockchain).

Once you are in your Opensea account, click on your profile on the top right:

& click on "More", then on "Hidden":

Here is your NFT "Whale"! πŸŽ‰

Click on it:

Then click on the transfer button:

& paste your public key in the "Address" box, then click on "Transfer":

(Make sure you have noted the seed phrase of the account you are sending your NFT to & that the public key has been pasted correctly).

Your wallet will open, scroll down & read the details then click "Confirm":

Wait a few seconds until you see this page:

Your NFT is now transferred. Go back to your wallet, click on your profile & change your account:

Then click on "Connect" to connect your main account to OpenSea:

Accept again the Opensea terms of use & sign with your wallet:

Go back to your profile & click on "More", then on "Hidden":

Your NFT is now on your main wallet. Click on "..." and then on "Unhide":

Then click on "Continue":

Finally, press "Collected" to see where your NFT is stored.

If you have any questions or there are points you don't understand, feel free to ask for help in the #❓questions-nft category on Discord.