NFT The Big Whale

All about The Big Whale 2022 collection


The Big Whale 2022 NFT Collection

We had the idea, a bit crazy in the current context, to launch our 1st NFT collection.

If we like the artistic dimension of NFTs, and you will see, they are very beautiful, we believe even more in their usefulness.

For us, the NFTs embody the promise of change, a change in the way we think about journalism and how we do our work for and with our community.

NFTs allow us to foresee a future where subscribers will become more than just readers, but partners and co-constructors of a common project.

We realize that launching an NFT won't revolutionize everything overnight; creating true Web3 media takes time. This is a first step in that long road, and we're happy to share it with you. 

You will soon discover our 2022 Big Whales 🐳💯

This 1st collection of NFT looks back at the main events that made the news of Web3 in 2022. And what a year! Each NFT, which represents whales and other cetaceans, is endowed with various characteristics, according to its rarity, and takes up a principle of One.

There are also narwhals.

These narwhals are a tribute to our founding subscribers, who trusted us from the start. They are rare - only accessible via the "founder" subscription - and give the right to exclusive advantages (lifetime subscription to the newsletter, access to a private Discord channel, exclusive events, participation in the governance of projects launched by the media).

This founding membership will end in 7 days - so don't miss the opportunity to join our exclusive club today! More information here

🐳 The other NFTs will be available for everyone soon. Our premium subscribers will have one week to mine their NFT The Big Whale via their wallet or email. After this week, all whales will be released into the sea for public sale.

Don't panic, if you want to buy your first NFT, but don't know where to start, we have created a tutorial to guide you.

Launching an NFT is no small thing and represents a big step for us. Thank you again for all your support.

The Big Whale team.