The Big Whale NFTs

Discover our first NFT collection

The collection

2022 NFTs in total
300 founding NFTs
1722 NFTs TBW

2022 whale NFTs

We couldn't imagine a first NFT collection without whales. 2022 grey, blue, beaked, orcas or narwhals, in the icy waters of Antarctica or floating, with a view on Jupiter or planet Earth.

The Big Whale shop

The NFTs in the collection all grant benefits to their holders. These benefits vary depending on the rarity of the NFT, but also the type of whale.
Discount on the annual subscription. From 5% to 25% depending on the rarity.
A partnership with Picto to have his NFT The Big Whale shot and framed.
Access to the Discord space to exchange with the community.
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300 Founding NFTs

Among the 2022 NFTs, we have reserved 300 NFTs especially for our founding subscribers, the Narwhals.

They were sent to them at the launch of the collection, and embody their founding member status.

It also gives them access to exclusive benefits:
Discount on events (ex. NFT Paris, FD3 etc.)
Information in advance.
Participation in the construction of The Big Whale.
Invitation to private events (Web3 Awards, founders' dinner etc.).
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1. Founding Airdrop

Members who purchased a founding membership received an NFT the week before. Their NFT has a special feature: all founding NFTs are narwhals.

2. Pre-sales

Premium subscribers have been automatically added to a whitelist, and will be able to claim their NFT during a one-week pre-sale period.
During this period, it will also be possible to win tickets, please visit the TBW Discord.

3. Public sale

Once the pre-sale is complete, we will open the NFT The Big Whale mint to the general public.

4. Secondary market

The NFTs have all been minted, they are now publicly available to anyone who wishes to obtain or sell one.

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About us

All about the collection

Why launch a collection?

We had the idea, a bit crazy in the current context, to launch our 1st NFT collection. And here we are.

While we love the artistic dimension of NFTs - and you'll see, they're beautiful - we believe even more in their usefulness.

For us, NFTs embody the promise of change, a change in the way we think about journalism and how we do our work for and with our community.

NFTs give us a glimpse of a future where subscribers can become more than just readers, but partners and co-builders of a common project.

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