The Big Whale NFTs

The Big Whale's 2022 NFT collection

In this first collection of 2022 NFTs you will find all types of whales: gray, blue, humpback...

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Private access

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Private access ends on December 18, 2022
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2022 whale NFTs

Each of the 2022 NFTs has unique features and picks up on a key event of the year like Ethereum's Merge or FTX's fall.

The utilities

Common benefits
Discounts on The Big Whale's annual smart subscription, starting from 10% to 30% depending on your NFT's rarity.
Access to The Big Whale Discord to chat with other NFT holders.
An AMA for all newcomers to Web3 who want to find answers to their questions.
Discounts at Picto to have your NFT printed and framed
Privileged access to upcoming collections for all holders #diamondhands


1. Founder NFT Airdrop ✅

Founding subscribers have just received a special "founder" NFT. There are only 300 such NFTs, which entitle the subscriber to a lifetime subscription to The Big Whale, exclusive events and access to TBW project governance.

2. Private access ✅

The pre-sale corresponds to the first phase of mint dedicated to Premium subscribers. This phase, which is about to open, allows you to obtain an NFT from The Big Whale collection. Smart subscribers (monthly and yearly) and founders will receive a unique link by email to get their NFT.

3. Public access ✅

Once the pre-sale is over, we will open the mint of the NFT The Big Whale to the general public. Go to this page to get the remaining NFTs of the collection.


All about the collection
What is an NFT?

From the abbreviation "non-fungible token", the NFT is a unique virtual object, registered on the blockchain. It allows its holder to prove its ownership and uniqueness.

To know more about it

How to access the airdrop of the NFT founder?

We have designed NFTs especially for our founding subscribers. If you are already a founding subscriber, here is how to get your NFT. To become a founder, and get your founder NFT, go here.

I am a SMART subscriber, what am I entitled to?

We wanted to ensure that our premium subscribers could get their NFT with peace of mind. Each premium subscriber of The Big Whale will receive an email with a unique link to get their NFT at the opening of the pre-sale.

Learn more about the NFT

I am a free subscriber or I am new to The Big Whale, how do I get an NFT?

Once the public sale is announced (subscribe for free to be notified), you will be able to get your NFT on this page using a wallet or with your email address.

Learn more about NFT

I have my NFT, what should I do?

Blockchain transactions can sometimes take a little while to complete, we explain how to find your NFT, view it on OpenSea or transfer it to another wallet.

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I have my NFT, how do I access my benefits?

Far from being a mere illustration, NFT technology allows the digital object to have a concrete use. Here we explain how to manage your NFT.

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I have a problem or I did not find an answer

You can chat live with a member of The Big Whale team by clicking on the envelope bubble at the bottom right of your screen. We will do our best to answer your question as soon as possible. Otherwise, we encourage you to contact us via email