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The Big Whale founding subscription

Join the circle of founding subscribers of The Big Whale and participate in the construction of the first European Web3 media.

Become a founder

The founding subscription

Subscribe to our founding subscription and help build the first independent Web3 media.
Lifetime access to The Big Whale content
Founding subscribers receive lifetime access to The Big Whale content, as well as exclusivity on certain information.
The community of experts and actors of Web3.
The founder subscription gives access to a community of founders and a dedicated space on Discord. There will never be more than 300 founders.
Access to private partnerships and events
A founding membership gives access to exclusive partnerships, as well as private events to meet.
The founding NFT
The NFT "Narwhal" is what makes you one of the 300 founding subscribers and gives you access to lots of benefits (if you sell your NFT, you will no longer be a founding subscriber šŸ„²).

There will never be more than 300 Narwhal.

But, this NFT also allows us to grant benefits, exclusive to our subscribers, like:
Invitations to The Big Whale private party in early 2023.
Access to The Big Whale Discord to participate in the construction of The Big Whale and exchange with other NFT holders.
A partnership with Picto allows you to have your NFT shot and framed.

How to get your founding NFT?

You are already a founder subscriber

Thanks to you! You just have to send us a public ETH address following the steps in this article and we will send you the NFT that corresponds to your arrival number (the 1st founder subscriber receives the NFT nĀ°1). If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via the site chat or on Discord.

You want to become a founder

We look forward to meeting you! To become a founding subscriber, you can subscribe online (for a few more days!) and send us your ETH address.
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All about the collection
What is an NFT?

From the abbreviation "non-fungible token", the NFT is a unique virtual object, registered on the blockchain. It allows its holder to prove its ownership and uniqueness.
To know more about it

How to access the airdrop of the NFT founder?

We have designed NFTs especially for our founder subscribers. If you are already a founder, here's how to get your NFT.

What happens if I sell my Founder NFT?

Your Founder's NFT is proof that you are a member of The Big Whale's group of 300 founders. Without the Narwhal, you will no longer be able to access The Big Whale services.

If you no longer wish to be a Founder subscriber, you can sell your Narwhal on a marketplace to give up your spot.

I have my NFT, what should I do?

Blockchain transactions can sometimes take a little while to complete, we explain how to find your NFT, view it on OpenSea or transfer it to another wallet.
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I have my NFT, how do I access my benefits?

Far from being a mere illustration, NFT technology allows the digital object to have a concrete use. Here we explain how to manage your NFT.
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I have a problem or I did not find an answer

You can chat live with a member of The Big Whale team by clicking on the envelope bubble at the bottom right of your screen. We will do our best to answer your question as soon as possible. Otherwise, we encourage you to contact us via email