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Circle relies on France for its European expansion

After Binance and Crypto.com, it's the turn of another international crypto giant to bet on France. The issuer of stablecoins USDC (dollar) and EUROC (euro) has just filed an application with the AMF for approval as a digital asset service provider.

In Berlin, the crypto ecosystem is looking for a second wind

Considered one of the European cradles of crypto, the German capital has lost some ground in recent years. It is banking on its developer cluster and its "fintech" culture to come back to the forefront.

TBW #50: The Bitcoin "moment"? 👀

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Credit Suisse: Europe's "bad" bank

The Swiss banking giant, which collapsed on the stock market last week, is to be bought by its compatriot and main competitor, UBS.

Thanasis Noulas (Trade Republic): "Europe must not lose its lead in crypto"

A former Uber, Airbnb and Netflix employee, the head of technology at German investment app, Trade Republic, knows the U.S. well. We met him in Berlin. For him, financial innovation and the crypto industry are an asset for Europe.

Influencer law: "The idea is not to ban talking about crypto-assets"

‍The PS deputy of Calvados, Arthur Delaporte, is preparing to defend a long-awaited bill to frame the practices of influencers, especially crypto. In an interview with The Big Whale, he explains his approach.

EXCLUSIVE. Ledger’s data heist hackers arrested

After more than two years of investigation, those responsible for the theft in April and June 2020 of Ledger's customer file have been arrested. One of them will be tried in France. The Big Whale reveals how the two men gained access to the data via Shopify and what led back to them...

Silicon Valley Bank bankruptcy: what impact for the crypto industry?

The California-based bank, known as the bank of tech, just collapsed in two days. Among other things, it holds more than $3 billion of the stablecoin dollar USDC reserves...

What is decentralized finance really for?

Between fantasy and reality, we have conducted a survey with experts and project leaders to know what it really changes (or will change).

Crypto influencers: towards a strict framework?

A cross-party bill wants to ban influencers not registered with the Financial Markets Authority (AMF) from promoting crypto projects. It is supported by the government, according to our information.

TBW #49: Don't miss the train

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ERC 4337: what this new standard will (really) change

This new Ethereum standard will make it easier to manage digital wallets. But as several experts point out, the "revolution" is still far away.

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel (Arianee): "Europe is becoming the center of gravity of Web3

Founded in 2017, French startup Arianee bet early on NFTs for big brands. Its boss talks to The Big Whale about its strategy and ambitions.

NFTs: Amazon to launch its platform on April 24

Exclusive. The American giant is getting ready to sell NFTs on its website. About fifteen collections will be available from the launch.

Coinbase: Paris on the short list for European headquarters

The French capital, where Binance and Cryptocom are already present, could soon welcome another foreign giant.

TBW #48: Coinbase accelerates in Europe

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Alexis Roussel: "Metadata is one of the great battles of the 21st century"

Deeply involved in the Bitcoin ecosystem, Alexis Roussel now heads the operations of Swiss start-up Nym Technologies. For The Big Whale, he looks back at the risk of widespread surveillance and the tools developed by Nym to address it.

Nym, the project that wants to (totally) protect online privacy

How to remain anonymous in the digital world? That's the problem Nym is trying to solve. To achieve this, the Swiss company, which raised $50 million in 2022, has created a new infrastructure capable of masking the metadata we leave on the Internet, whether it is a WhatsApp communication or a bitcoin transaction. An effective solution? We spoke directly with some of its teams in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. 🇨🇭

Aleksander Leonard Larsen (Axie Infinity): "It's the users who will force Apple to move to Web3"

Present in France for NFT Paris, the co-founder of Sky Mavies (the studio that develops the blockchain game Axie Infinity), was optimistic about the future of the Web3 sector. Especially in Europe.

"Web3 Project of the Year: Ledger

The Big Whale has just organized its first "Web3 Awards" to distinguish the personalities and projects that make the European sector shine. There were 7 categories. Ledger won the "Web3 Project of the Year" award.

"Web3 Innovation of the Year": Morpho

The Big Whale has just organized its first "Web3 Awards" to distinguish the personalities and projects that make the European sector shine. There were 7 categories. Morpho won the "Web3 Innovation of the Year" award.

Decentralized finance: Mangrove raises $7.4 million

Created in 2021 by French researchers, the protocol improves liquidity allocation in decentralized finance.

"Web3 Investor of the Year": Bpifrance

The Big Whale has just organized its first "Web3 Awards" to distinguish the personalities and projects that make the European sector shine. There were 7 categories. Bpifrance won the "Best Web3 Investor of the Year" award.

"Web3 Impact Project of the Year: World of Women

The Big Whale has just organized its first "Web3 Awards" to distinguish the personalities and projects that make the European sector shine. There were 7 categories. The World of Women project won the "Web3 Impact Project of the Year" award.

"Web3 Brand Project of the Year": Lacoste UNDW3

The Big Whale has just organized its first "Web3 Awards" to distinguish the personalities and projects that make the European sector shine. There were 7 categories. Lacoste, for its UNDW3 project, won the "Brand Project of the Year" award.

"Young Web3 talent of the year": Pablo Veyrat (Angle)

The Big Whale has just organized its first "Web3 Awards" to distinguish the personalities and projects that make the European sector shine. There were 7 categories. The co-founder of the Angle protocol, Pablo Veyrat, won the "Young Web3 talent of the year" award.

Nym succeeds in establishing itself in France without a bank account (but with a bitcoin wallet)

We explain how the Swiss-based crypto company registered its subsidiary in France.

"Web3 Ambassador of the year" : Ambre Soubiran (Kaiko)

The Big Whale has just organized its first "Web3 Awards" to distinguish the personalities and projects that make the European sector shine. There were 7 categories. Kaiko's CEO, Ambre Soubiran, won the "Web3 Ambassador of the Year" award.

NFT: the underside of a revolution for brands

‍Popular with artists, Web3 is akin to a formidable playground for brands, where technology comes to open the field of possibilities for creativity and customer experience.

The Big Whale #47: The winners of the first "Web3 Awards

Find all the information of the 47th Premium newsletter of The Big Whale.

Colborn Bell: "Cryptos make it possible to create and exchange art without limits"

Founder of the Museum of Crypto Art (MoCA), the American puts forward hundreds of artists in the metaverse. We met him at NFT Paris.

Erika Wykes-Sneyd (Adidas): "Web3 embodies a profound cultural change

‍Thanks to several collaborations, Adidas has become one of the most active brands in the Web3. We talked about it with the one who carries this strategy internally since 2021.

When London dreams of being the financial capital of the crypto

After leaving the subject out for years, the UK seems to have fallen in love with cryptos. By 2024, the country could have a flexible regulation with the aim of competing with the European Union. A realistic ambition? First part of our report in London.

The Big Whale #46 : European Dream

Find all the information of the 46th TBW Premium newsletter.

Mila Lolli (NFTUK): "Only acculturation can facilitate the adoption of cryptos"

Founder of NFTUK, Mila Lolli organizes events and conferences in the UK to accelerate the adoption of Web3 tools. We met her in London.

Crypto: "The SEC's offensive is a huge opportunity for Europe"

Co-founder of the True Global Ventures fund (15 investments in Web3), Frank Desvignes believes that Europe should take advantage of the recent decisions of the U.S. financial regulator to try to attract more projects and Web3 investors.

Crypto: Taurus breaks the bank

The Swiss company, which offers a range of crypto services to financial institutions, has just raised $65 million. Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank are among the investors.

Bitcoin mining: The price of electricity is no longer the only criteria

TRIBUNE. For Guillaume Girard, analyst at Galaxy Digital, the success of miners now also depends on their ability to adapt to the (changing) energy market.

dYdX : Is the “anti-FTX” ready to take off?

In just a few months, dYdX has made its mark on the crypto landscape. As its latest stratospheric figures show, the U.S.-based decentralized platform has benefited from the collapse of FTX, as well as increasing doubts about centralized players. But is this the only explanation? We investigated 👀

TBW #45: The British Moment

Find all the information in The Big Whale's 45th Premium newsletter 🐳

Charles d'Haussy (dYdX): "We need to get out of the tribal aspect of crypto"

Former heavyweight of ConsenSys, the armed wing of the Ethereum ecosystem, Charles d'Haussy now heads the powerful foundation of the decentralized exchange platform dYdX. He presents the ambition of the project and the choice to switch to Cosmos soon.

Michael Amar (PBW): "Web3 needs Web2 players".

For its fourth edition, the Paris Blockchain Week (March 20-24) will host many traditional players. A choice claimed by its organizer, Michael Amar.

"I do what I want with my money": these young people who bet everything on cryptos

They are under 25 years old, interested in markets, but almost only use cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance to invest and manage their savings. Why? That's what we wanted to understand 🔍

TBW #44: New World

Find all the information of the 44th Premium newsletter of The Big Whale.

Aptos: why the hype?

Launched at the end of 2022 by former engineers of the Diem project (ex-Libra), the Aptos protocol is a big success. We met its team in Paris to try to understand.

NFTs: why some big brands fail

Getting into NFTs is not easy, especially for a company. We talked about it with Stéphane Baudin, who is a specialist in the marketing analysis of NFTs collections.

Polygon: the blockchain that companies love

In just a few months, Ethereum's sidechain has become one of the preferred partners for businesses. We investigated the reasons for such success 💰

TBW #43: Towards a wave of acquisitions in Europe

Find all the information in the 43rd Premium newsletter of The Big Whale.

Laszlo Szabo: "Polygon has a formidable business strategy"

The co-founder and CEO of Kiln, which specializes in staking, just picked up the management of one of Polygon's 100 validators. He points to the "very effective" strategy of the blockchain's business teams.

Éric Larchevêque: "When you face the abyss you see who you are"

Since his departure as the CEO of Ledger, Eric Larchevêque has kept a low profile. But he remains a major player in crypto. For nearly two hours, we discussed a wide range of topics with him.

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